Jason's Reading Log

Bible Reading Plan

For 2012, I have embarked upon the following Bible reading plan:  using the Kindle Fire, I downloaded the YourVersion app and the Logos Bible Software app.  Having the YouVersion app on the Kindle Fire allows me to have immediate access to a handful of English Bible versions, of which I have chosen to read the ESV translation, anywhere I go.  This is providing the flexibility I need in order to keep up with the robust reading plan I am following.

YouVersion offers a handful of Bible reading schedules to choose and to follow.  I have chosen Professor Grant Horner's Bible Reading Plan (download a PDF checklist) which includes one chapter each from ten different sections of the Bible per day.  YouVersion also helps me keep track of my reading progress by checking off each passage read and saving this data online.  Of course, I can only update my account on the Kindle when I have Wi-Fi access, but I can also log my reading progress via the YouVersion app that I downloaded to my Blackberry cellphone.

Finally, I also am using the Logos Bible Software app to supplement my reading with access to the Hebrew OT and the Greek NT.  I have not been as consistent with this part of my reading but I am trying to find select, shorter passages to work on in order to gain better skill with the original texts.  I should also mention that, while at home, I am making use of two excellent Readers: A Reader's Hebrew Bible and the UBS Greek New Testament [Reader's Edition with Textual Notes]. These two volumes have been very helpful to me.

The Gospel of Mark

Westminster Bookstore This commentary blends historical, exegetical, and theological insights into a very readable format. It's unprofitable to pick one best commentary on Mark, but this has been my favorite to use during sermon preparation.
Westminster Bookstore For those willing to work through the rigid format of the WBC series, this is a highly profitable commentary on the Gospel of Mark. Scholarly and useful
I acquired this commentary long after I had begun preaching through Mark. I see this commentary as a blend of the PNTC and WBC commentaries. Excellent exegetical and grammatical help. It is easier to work through than the WBC volumes, and it includes updated research.
Compared to the other commentaries, Cranfield's is a cursory approach highlighting grammar.  I have not used this as much as I thought I would.
Nineham is often thought provoking.  This work is cursory in its own way, but often helpful.
This is a volume I highly recommend to anyone studying the Gospel of Mark. The depth of research is excellent and very useful, especially in presenting a case for an Isaianic New Exodus hermeneutic for understanding Mark's Gospel.

Pilgrim Psalms

Earlier this year we studied through the Pilgrim Psalms using Eugene Peterson's modern classic A Long Obedience in the Same Direction (20th Anniversary Edition).  This edition is unique in two distinct ways: 1) it includes an Epilogue which provides an excellent argument for the fusion of scripture and prayer with others; and 2) it incorporates Peterson's The Message translation of each Pilgrim Psalm.

The Epilogue contains an invaluable argument for the fusing of scripture and prayer not only in pastoral work, but also in the life of disciples of Jesus Christ.  Shepherding and discipleship are highly relational activities fueled and directed by "scriptureprayer and prayerscripture."

It was fascinating to learn the Peterson began work on translating the Pilgrim Psalms into the North American vernacular of his congregation, and that this project grew into a complete translation/paraphrasing of the Bible, The Message.

Along with Peterson's book we ised Perseverance which is a study guide based upon A Long Obedience in the Same Direction.  This is helpful for facilitating group discussion.

I also used Erik Routley's Ascent to the Cross: Meditations on the Pilgrimage Psalms.  Routley interprets the Pilgrimage Psalms in light of Jesus' final ascent to Jerusalem.  This is a wonderful little devotional commentary with helpful insights.

General Reading

Family Reading