Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Today, December 20th, is the birthday of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones who was born in 1899.  Just the other day I went out to the Marty Lloyd-Jones Recordings Trust's online audio library and downloaded a few sermons to listen to over the Christmas holiday.  If you have not made use of this excellent resource, I recommend it to you.

The MLJ Recordings Trust is doing an excellent job.  Today, I found the below attached video which is a production of the Trust. It is well-done and fascinating, especially in that it includes a portion of a rare television interview with the Dr.

Also of interest: Iain Murray's Lloyd-Jones, Messenger of Grace (Banner of Truth, 2008).  It is excellent.

What is your favorite Lloyd-Jones work or sermon series?