Friday, April 6, 2012

James L. Mays on Psalms (Interpretation Commentary) 71% off at CBD

James L. Mays's commentary has become my primary "go-to" commentary on the Psalms when I'm looking for quick theological interpretation.  There are others I turn to when I have more time to work through the details of exegesis such as the three volumes in the WBC series (Marvin Tate and Leslie Allen) or Gerald Wilson's volume on Pss 1-72 in the NIVAC series (I still have Goldingay's 3-volumes on my "wish list").  However, I have found the introductory matter supplied by Mays along with his careful eye to highlight structural features consistent in each form along with theological continuity to especially helpful.  In particular, Mays's understanding of the various patterns of prayers in the Psalter and their basic features has been most helpful.

Along with this commentary, I would recommend a collection of essays and sermons by James L. Mays, Preaching and Teaching the Psalms, edited by Patrick D. Miller.  The essays included here very useful.
CBD currently has Mays's commentary on Psalms (hardcover) marked down to $9.99.  This is an excellent price!!!  It appears that this series has been re-published in paperback and also in digital format.  This more than likely accounts for the discounted prices on the older copies.  However, some of these older copies are still gems.  CBD currently has the following volumes in the Interpretation series marked down.  Take a look...