Thursday, March 8, 2012

Further Update to Gospel of Mark Recommendations

I updated Gospel of Mark recommendations bibliography and posted it online today.  This particular list is serving as a test for displaying my vision for all of the TheoSource recommendation lists.  I believe that I've made some great strides with this, so I'd love to read your feedback.  Once I finalize my work on this list I will begin work on the other sections filling them out and conforming them to this format.

I use the information and recommendations from these lists as often as I purchase commentaries and study materials.  I want these lists to be useful to anyone who finds them.  Please feel free to share these.

Changes include the following:
  1. Font changes to make the list easier to read 
  2. A complete addition of recommendations from Glynn's 10th ed., Decker's "Bibliography," Rosscup, and David Bauer's "Annotated Guide." 
  3. A more thorough spell check 
  4. Cleaned-up bibliography entries
  5. A simplified citation for sources of recommendations
  6. I also posted an Abbreviations guide here