Tuesday, March 13, 2012

20 Tips on How to Use Bible Commentaries by David Murray

David Murray provides a great run-down of a healthy approach to using Bible commentaries.  TheoSource did not make his list of places to look for recommended commentaries, but the sites he suggests are very good.  Here's his list of 20 tips less the comments.  Please read his full blog post at HeadHeartHand.  

1. Use them
2. Use them for appropriate tasks
3. Use recommended commentaries
4. Use them late in exegesis
5. Use them to get started in exegesis
6. Use them to confirm or correct your pericope and translation
7. Use them to confirm or correct your exegesis
8. Use them to help you understand grammar and syntax
9. Use them to highlight unasked questions
10. Use them to answer unanswered questions
11. Use them to help you decide what to focus on
12. Use them to find other passages that are related to this one.
13. Use them to find sources for further reading
14. Use them to find opposing arguments and conclusions
15. Use them to get quotes to back up conclusions
16. Use them to help you express the meaning
17. Use them by translating their thoughts into your own words
18. Use them consistently
19. Use them discriminately
20. Use them independently