Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Recommendations on the Gospel of Mark

A new list has been posted focusing on book-length works on the Gospel of Mark.  I have been tweaking the TheoSource database in order to clean up the presentation of these lists.  I am still hoping for help with moving to a more web-friendly version of these recommendation lists, but for now this is the next best I have been able to develop.  A recognized issue with the format of the previous lists has been gaps and unnecessary markers indicating information not yet available.  I have been wanting to clean up the bibliographical entries in order to present them in a truer form.  I have found a way to do that, but the remainder of the lists need to be cleaned up.

Although this list is much cleaner and more concise, I am still limited to standard font.  Because of this, book titles do not appear in italics as I wish they did.  This will have to suffice until I find another solution.

A major distinguishing feature of the TheoSource Recommendation Lists is the inclusion of recommendation sources (i.e. Who has recommended this work?).  Most recommendations you will find are either individual recommendations, school recommendations, or aggregated recommendations supplying limited information as to who is recommending what.  The TheoSource project has as its aim to provide a platform for aggregating recommendations from as many sources as are available.

So, the list on the Gospel of Mark is embedded below, available via Google Docs.  I'd appreciate your feedback.  For an introduction and explanation of the TheoSource Recommendation Lists, read here.

Jason Button