Thursday, February 23, 2012

Essays on Theological Interpretation of Scripture

One of my reading projects this year is to work through the entirety of Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of Scripture (Baker Academic, 2005).  Thus far, I have read through Kevin J. Vanhoozer's introductory article on theological interpretation of scripture and all of the articles under the letter A.  At this point I found it necessary to go back and re-read the introductory article to make sure I understood the unique contribution to biblical studies this dictionary is promising to deliver.  I recommend Vanhoozer's article.  I found it to be very helpful and will share highlights in a later post.

Another article that I began reading today and will attempt to finish tonight is one that Andy Nasselli kindly posted on The Gospel Coalition blogD. A. Carson's evaluation of Theological Interpretation of Scripture.  Andy posted a PDF version of this article along with a distinctly Nassellian-style outlined summary.

Thanks to a post by Rod Decker on February 7, 2012 on his NT Resources Blog, I also found a review of Carson's essay written by Brent Parker for The Credo Magazine blog (2/7/12).

Carson's essay has been published in Theological Commentary: Evangelical Perspectives, edited by R. Michael Allen (T&T Clark Int'l, 2011).  This is my first introduction to this new book.  It looks very interesting and carries some great endorsements, especially from my friend Mark Gignilliat.

R. Michael Allen is Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology, Knox Theological Seminary, Fort Lauderdale, USA.


1: Theological Commentary Michael Allen
2: Genesis 1 Ryan S. Peterson
3: Exodus 3 Michael Allen
4: Psalm 22: Forsakenness and the God Who Sings Kelly M. Kapic
5: Proverbs 8: Hearing Lady Wisdom's Offer Again Daniel J. Treier
6: Ezekiel 14: "I, The Lord, Have Deceived That Prophet": Divine Deception, Inception, and Communicative Action Kevin J. Vanhoozer
7: Mark 12: God's Lordly Son and Trinitarian Christology Scott R. Swain
8: John 1: Preexistent Logos and God the Son Henri Blocher
9: Ephesians 4:1-16: The Ascension, the Church, and the Spoils of War Michael Horton
10: Colossians 3: Deification, Theosis, Participation, or Union with Christ? Andrew McGowan
11: What is Theological Commentary? An Old Testament Perspective Walter L. Moberly
12: Theological Interpretation of Scripture: Yes, But... D. A. Carson

'This excellent collection brings together some fine examples of theological interpretation at work on particular biblical texts, along with some sympathetic assessments of the prospects for reading Scripture theologically. Each of the essays demonstrates exegetical finesse, theological alertness, and sensitivity to the spiritual dimensions of study of Scripture; taken together, they deserve a wide and attentive readership.'
'Whatever resides at the edges of evangelical identity, the Bible is certainly at the center. This fine collection of essays models theological exegesis across the terrain of the canon. It avoids the pitfall of speaking endlessly about method and turns its attention directly to the Scriptures themselves. This collection inspires hope for those who believe our approach to reading Scripture should reflect a Christian confession regarding its nature and role. The concluding essays by Moberly and Carson throw some spice into the pot as well. To the Bible and this volume I say: Take up and read.'
'The twofold task skilfully undertaken in this volume should inspire all Christians: first, to practise reading Scripture unabashedly as God's self-revelation with Christ Jesus at its center, while benefiting from historical-critical research; second, to do so from within the (ecclesial) act of faith and thus from a dogmatic perspective - in this case, by and large, Reformed dogmatics. Michael Allen is to be commended for his vision of theological renewal.'