Thursday, January 26, 2012

Vocation and What I Value

Yesterday, Jonathan Parnell posted a note and a link to an an excellent challenge delivered by John Piper to a group of students in 1977.  As these students faced the beginning of their seminary studies, Piper wanted to lay before them "the goal and difficulty of teaching theological studies and the personal traits that fit you for it."  From my limited experience, I found this advice to be true and worth your notice.

The opening lines are excellent on their own with regard to vocation:
The only reason for living is the achievement of what you value. Nobody should ever sacrifice a higher value to a lower one. You should always aspire to deciding what you value. Until that happens you cannot make any reasonable steps toward choosing a vocation (or anything else).
Read the entire, short article here, which goes on to describe the task and traits of a theological teacher.