Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Logos: 24-Volume Works of John Owen (January 2012 Giveaway)

This is a fantastic opportunity. Also, be sure to download the Free Book of the Month for January 2012: Temptation and Sin by John Owen.


  • On the Mortification of Sin
  • On Temptation
  • On Indwelling Sin in Believers
  • Exposition of Psalm 130
This is the full version of which Richard Rushing abridged in Temptation: Resisted and Repulsed; reviewed here.)

Thank you Logos!

Enter to win a free copy of the 24-Volume Works of John Owen!

24-Volume Works of John Owen

The John Owen Giveaway ends January 31, 2012. Check back in February for a new free download and collection giveaway!

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