Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mentoring People with Books by Jason Byassee

I just stumbled upon this post from February 2011 which offers excellent advice applicable to one-on-one mentoring relationships and also small groups.  Here are two highlights from Jason's post:

Reading expands the community of potential mentors to which we might submit. If we follow C.S. Lewis’ advice (offered, appropriately enough, in the forward to Athanasius’ aforementioned work), we will read two old books for every new one. This is not just to be an antiquarian. It’s to note what G.K. Chesterton called “the democracy of the dead.” With tradition, even dead people get to vote. Or even dead people can serve as our mentors.
Reading gives time and space to dig into ideas on one’s own, to ruminate on what was said corporately and prepare questions for next time. Reading in community makes for better readers and, we hope, better lives.
Great advice in general. You can read the entire post here.