Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New General Editor of the NICNT Series Announced

Joel B. Green
Eerdmans has announced that Joel B. Green will be the new General Editor of the NICNT series.  The NICNT volumes are a staple in the libraries of many evangelical Christians.  The reputation of this series for excellence is remarkable.

Joel Green will be the fourth General Editor of this series following Ned B. Stonehouse (1946-1962), F. F. Bruce (1962-1990) and Gordon D. Fee (1990-2011).


Note: Joel B. Green is the author of the NICNT volume on The Gospel of Luke (1997).

With regard to the future of this commentary series, Green writes:
Gordon’s fingerprints will remain on the series for years to come. New volumes will appear soon, written by authors he recruited. These include commentaries on Hebrews [by Gareth L Cockerill], for example, as well as on the Gospel of Mark [Rikki Watts] and Galatians [David A. deSilva]. Longer-term, we will witness the ongoing renewal of the series, with new authors and new emphases keeping pace with the ongoing work of New Testament scholarship. And the NICNT will continue to model the priority given to engagement with the biblical text in the service of pastors and students – carrying on the good work for which the series has long been known.
The New International Commentary on the New Testament