Monday, October 10, 2011

Geoffrey Grogan (May 4, 1925 - Aug 31, 2011)

Just this morning, I found and read Ian D. Campbell's 10/8/11 post at Reformation 21 noting the passing away of The Rev Dr Geoffrey Grogan on August 31, 2011.  

I was first introduced to the work of Dr Grogan when I asked my Hebrew professor for a recommendation on the theology of the Psalms.  He was quick to recommend Dr Grogan's Prayer, Praise and Prophecy: A Theology of the Psalms.  I did not find Grogan's work to be ground-breaking, offering new views and insights into the Psalter; but, rather, I found it to be both scholarly and accessible, reverent, and illuminating with regard to the text.

Having come to appreciate this earlier work, I was delighted to acquire a copy of Dr Grogan's more recent commentary on the Psalms, published in the Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary series.  This work is also very useful combining his research on the theology of the Psalter along with a psalm by psalm commentary.

I am glad to have been introduced to the work of Dr Grogan and to have both of these volumes in my library.  Although this is the full extent of my acquaintance with Dr Grogan he has published a handful of other theological works and commentaries.  To learn more, I recommend that you visit the Geoffrey Grogan Memorial website.  There you will find a short biography of his life, a fascinating gallery of photographs, a list of his published writings, and more.