Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vos's Reformed Dogmatics (1st English Translation) @ Logos

Are you aware that Logos Bible Software is making plans to translate into English and publish a digital version of Geerhardus Vos's Reformed Dogmatics?  This set has been on the Pre-Pub gathering interest for about 2 months.  It looks like they are making good progress but still need more interest before sending this to publication.

I am very glad that this will be available to students.  Ever since I was first introduced to Vos's Biblical Theology I have been an admirer of his scholarship.  More recently, I have been reading his sermons printed in Grace and Glory and have been blessed by their Christ-centeredness.

If you are up on your Dutch, you can preview a portion of Vos' work at www.Archive.org.
Geerhardus Vos, Dogmatiek I (1910)
Dutch lectures about reformed dogmatics of Geerhardus Vos from his teaching period at Grand Rapids (Volume 1 of 5).

Geerhardus Vos, Dogmatiek II (1910)
Dutch lectures about reformed dogmatics of Geerhardus Vos from his teaching period at Grand Rapids (Volume 2 of 5).

As I perused the Dutch edition online, I noticed that the contents of these volumes appear to be a collection of Vos's lecture outlines.  The notes are in outline format without any footnotes or endnotes.  The text is typed and all Hebrew and Greek terms are written in by hand.  Here's a sample look:

I'm confident that these volumes will include sound scholarship from a redemptive-historical perspective.  Given the fact that we have so many other works of his available in English, I have wondered why these have not yet been translated. I also have searched for references to his notes in a few other notable Reformed Systematics but have not found any.  I find this to be curious unless it has to do with the fact that Vos put greater emphasis upon studies in the field of biblical theology (for a short and helpful essay on Vos's view of the relationship between biblical theology and systematic theology see Dr. Vern S. Poythress's essay here).  I think that this must be the case.

Here is an overview supplied Logos Bible Software:

Key features (also note that the Translator, Editor and Number of Pages is still to be determined):

Notes on Logos Bible Software's Approach to Translation Projects:

What do you think?