Friday, September 10, 2010

McCann Reviews Minor Prophets II by Goldingay and Scalise

Minor Prophets II (New International Biblical Commentary)Review of Biblical Literature recently posted J. Clinton McCann Jr's review of Minor Prophets II by J. Goldingay and P. Scalise (Peabody, Mass.: Hendrickson, 2009), pp. xiv + 392.  I recommend this review to you (and the NIBC OT & NIBC NT series).

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Published 9/8/2010
J. Clinton McCann Jr. (Eden Theological Seminary)

Earlier this week I read the introduction to Goldingay's commentary on Isaiah in this same series and found it to be very insightful.  McCann's description of the purpose of this series and assessment of Goldingay's success at fulfilling this purpose is also true for the Isaiah commentary.
The hope is “to enrich the life of the academy as well as the life of the church” (xii).
This series is often found discounted as though it is sub-par, but the handful of volumes I've used, so far, have been very useful.
With regard to Minor Prophets II, McCann concludes,
In short, as suggested above, there are rich resources here for believers, nonbelievers, and anyone in between who has an interest in the books of Nahum–Malachi. As both an ordained minister and seminary professor, I am particularly appreciative of Goldingay’s and Scalise’s application of rigorous critical inquiry in the service of both academy and church.