Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Christian Interpretation of the Old Testament

Exodus (The NIV Application Commentary)Is there nothing about Christian interpretation that makes it look different from, say, Jewish exegesis or secular exegesis? Yes. We believe that God has raised Jesus from the dead. We know the end of the story, and now we can—must—go back and read Israel's story in light of that great culminating event. In doing so Israel's story becomes ours. This is why Christian interpretation is not a neutral undertaking, but one that, like every other area of our lives, rests in the reality of the gospel.*
*Footnote: A seminary professor of mine, the late Raymond Dillard, would evaluate student sermons on the Old Testament by asking, "Could this sermon have been preached in a synagogue?" The answer had better be "no"! His point was that there should be something distinct about Christian preaching of the Old Testament.
Peter Enns, from his Introduction to Exodus. The NIV Application Commentary. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2000, p. 26.

Enns' Introduction is an excellent read for a simple and convincing argument in favor of decidedly Christian interpretation of the OT.  In this commentary, Enns also includes an Annotated Bibliography of the top 10 picks for the study of Exodus. 

I have added his recommendations to the TheoSource catalog of Recommendations on the OT Pentateuch and Historical Books .   You can find more Recommendations for Bible Study by clicking on the BOOK REC'S link at the very top of this website.