Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tech Highlight: NoteScraps

Last week I caught a re-tweet from a friend making a remark about NoteScraps.  The original tweet stated that NoteScraps is simple and useful on a daily basis.  This tweet caught my curiosity because I juggle a bunch of notes and cheat sheets at work in order to keep up with important phone numbers, account numbers, warnings, instructions, etc.  I, and most of my co-workers, have multiple notes taped around our 21" monitors.  That's a lot of notes.  We need the notes, but I, personally, hate the clutter.

I had never thought about finding a software application to help keep up with these notes, but this is exactly what NoteScraps does.  And, it does it very well!

I immediately followed the hyperlink to, watched the excellent Demo video, and then downloaded the trial version.

Someone commented about Evernote which is a bulkier note keeping system for those interested in uploading their notes so that they can be accessed from any smartphone or computer with an internet connection and a downloaded copy of the application.  Evernote is nice, but not at all what I want to use for sensitive information at work.

The beauty of NoteScraps is its simplicity, searchability, and seviceability.  Watch the video.  It's very cool!

BTW, NoteScraps is another fine product of Logos Reseach Systems, Inc.