Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Noteworthy: Around the Blogoshpere

Here are a few items I found interesting and helpful over the past week or so.
  1. Franz Delitzsch on Reading the Bible as Christian Scripture @ Reading Isaiah as Christian Scripture
  2. “Without the New Testament, the Old Testament would be a labyrinth without a clue, a syllogism without a conclusion, a riddle without a solution, a torso without a head, a moon without a sun, since Christ is the proper interpreter of the Old Testament.”
  3. Richard C. Barcellos. The Family Tree of Reformed Biblical Theology. Reformed Baptist Press, 2010.

    The Family Tree of Reformed Biblical TheologyThe thesis of this study is that Geerhardus Vos' biblical-theological method should be viewed as a post-Enlightenment continuation of the pre-critical federal theology of seventeenth-century Reformed orthodoxy. Vos wrote in the context of the liberalism of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. His biblical-theological methodology was largely a resuscitation of the federal theology of seventeenth-century Reformed orthodoxy adapted to the times in which it was written.
    HT: Heritage Booktalk by Michael Dewalt

  4. Is Church Membership Important (John Piper)

    Download the audio or video or read an edited transcript.  These are excellent thoughts!
  5. The Trials and Tribulations of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church
  6. This is a helpful introduction to the ARPC and Erskine Seminary posted by Dr. William B. Evans at Reformation21.
  7.  Nijay Gupta has provided a few book notes worth looking at:
  8. David Instone-Brewer at Tyndale House has a great roundup of Electronic helps for Bible Study, several of which are freely available online.
  9. Check it out. (HT: Jim Hamilton)
  10. You will also want to take advantage of the new ESV Online website.  This is a very nice tool!