Friday, April 30, 2010

New Release: Tributes to John Calvin

Here's a notice I just received from P&R Publishing.

Tributes to John Calvin: A Celebration of His Quincentenary
edited by David W. Hall

The essays in Tributes to John Calvin: A Celebration of His Quincentenary illuminate Calvin's times, thought, and legacy, and providing a celebratory tribute to one of the most influential people in history. This book commemorates the quincentenary of Calvin's birth (July 10, 1509) and attests to the remarkable fact that a French religious leader from a tiny village is still remembered half a millennium later.

Twenty-three leading Calvin scholars exhibit a firm understanding of Calvin's era, his understanding of Scripture, and the heritage he has bequeathed the church.

"I am encouraged by the publication of this book that brings together these worthy essays and papers."
—R. Albert Mohler Jr., President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville

"Tributes to John Calvin will help you grow in your love for our sovereign God, who gave us his eternal Word, and godly leaders like Calvin, who taught us to see God's saving grace in Christ throughout the whole of the Scriptures."
—Peter A. Lillback, President, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia
"This collection of essays is a grand anthology commemorating the person, work, and legacy of John Calvin, who was a theologian and Reformer of great intelligence and deeply rooted piety."
—Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids

"This is rich fare and can be read with profit by anyone interested in the Genevan Reformer and his theology."
—I. John Hesselink, Former President and Emeritus Professor of Theology, Western Theological Seminary, Holland, Michigan

About the Calvin 500 series
The Calvin 500 series is part of the Calvin 500 project, an international, interdenominational, and interdisciplinary celebration of the 500th anniversary of John Calvin's birth. In this series, esteemed leaders, scholars, and ministers serve as guides to learning about this influential man, his vibrant city, and the cultural, religious, political, and economic impact flowing from his ideas.


  • Henri A. G. Blocher
  • Richard Burnett
  • R. Scott Clark
  • William Edgar
  • Richard C. Gamble
  • Isabelle Graesslé
  • David W. Hall
  • Darryl G. Hart
  • Michael Horton
  • Terry L. Johnson
  • Douglas F. Kelly
  • Jae Sung Kim
  • Robert M. Kingdon
  • George W. Knight III
  • Anthony N. S. Lane
  • William A. McComish
  • Bruce L. McCormack
  • James Edward McGoldrick
  • A. T. B. McGowan
  • Albert Mohler
  • Hughes Oliphant Old
  • Herman J. Selderhuis
  • John Witte Jr.

Category: Theology/Historical
ISBN: 978-1-59638-096-7
Price: $35.99 Cloth
Pages: 592
Release Date: 5/20/2010

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