Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blessedness Through Sickness

Choosing Gratitude: Your Journey to JoyThis evening my wife shared with me a quote she read today in Nancy  Leigh DeMoss' Choosing Gratitude (Moody, 2009).  This is worth meditating upon.

Charles Spurgeon--nineteenth century British pastor, writer, seminary president, among a dizzying list of other responsibilities--suffered chronically with gout and rheumatism, suffered publicly from slander and ridicule, and suffered mightily with a dark level of depression that seemed to roar back at the worst possible times.  Yet he grew to be thankful for these obstacles rather than allowing them to dominate or distract him.  He once said in a sermon:
I think that health is the greatest blessing that God ever sends us, except sickness, which is better.  I would give anything to be perfectly healthy; but if I had to go over my time again, I could not get on without those sick beds and those bitter pains, and those weary, sleepless nights.  Oh, the blessedness that comes to us through smarting, if we are ministers and helpers of others (italics added).