Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Free Classical Downloads from Alexander Street Press

Some time ago we discussed the benefits of listening to music in preparation for study and also during study here.  (We also highlighted the music of Handel here.)  Well, about that time I signed up for email and RSS notifications from Alexander Street Press regarding free classical music downloads.  I keep neglecting to mention this here on the blog, so I'll do so while I'm thinking about it.  For more information visit Alexander Street Press or go directly to Music Online (an ASP blog) where you will find notices of free music downloads.

Franz Schubert LithographImage via Wikipedia

Schubert composed this Fantasie for piano four hands in 1828; it was first published in 1829. This version of the work is for symphony orchestra and is performed by the Rhine Palatinate Orchestra; Kurt Redel, conductor.
Download this work now at http://musicdownloads.alexanderstreet.com/promo/
All tracks downloaded through this promotion are owned by Alexander Street Press and are available to legally download, free of cost to the user.