Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pillar NT Commentary Sale at WTS


WTS: $39.65
(39% Off)

WTS: $30.72
(36% Off)

Available Commentaries in the Pillar New Testament Commentary Series:
The only volume I currently own is James Edwards' commentary on Mark.  I am using it alongside of Guelich (WBC), Cranfield and a few others.  It is helpful especially in that it draws upon the New Exodus motif drawn out in greater detail by Rikki Watts and Joel Marcus.  Although I haven't found it to be "the best" commentary on Mark, it is very profitable.

I'd like to know which commentaries in this series you have used and would recommend to me.  O'Brien's commentary on Hebrews is the latest release (March 2010) and it is drawing a good bit of attention around the blogosphere.  I've heard many times that Carson's is a "must have" on JohnWhat about the others?