Thursday, January 14, 2010

Noteworthy: Around the Blogoshpere

Thought I'd highlight a few recent items that I found informative.
  1. Alan Knox's post at The Assembling of the Church, "The First Interpreters," is thought-provoking.
  2. This looks interesting (although shrouded in controversy, I'm sure that this conference would be informative): Wheaton's 2010 Theology Conference will take place April 16-17, in honor of and in dialogue with NT Wright, including a great line-up of speakers including Richard Hays, Kevin Vanhoozer, Sylvia Keesmaat, Marianne Meye Thompson, Markus Bockmuehl and, of course, Wright himself.
  3. Here's an online guide to OT Chronologies. (HT: JohnFH @ Ancient Hebrew Poetry).
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