Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jesus Is Worth It!

My family was blessed to have the Gibson family in our home yesterday and this morning.  AJ has been a true friend and it has been a rich blessing to watch and hear how the Lord has been molding and shaping him in His image.  The Lord has blessed AJ with an amazing wife and three beautiful children!  Together they have been serving in the Lord's vineyard for a number of years in Monterrey, Mexico.  They have a passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ, they are committed to giving of themselves to take this priceless message by means of word and deed to the nations, and they are now serving with To Every Tribe Ministries (TETM), which appears to be an excellent fit. 

I love the vision statement of TETM, which is rooted in Romans 15:20-21:
To Every Tribe exists to spread a passion for the supremacy of God
    among unreached peoples throughout the earth.
Here are two endorsements worth considering:
I have been acquainted with David Sitton since 1989, when we co-operated together in the Institute Of Tribal Studies at the U.S. Center for World Mission in Pasadena, California.  I have followed David's ministry of church planting in Papua New Guinea as well as his Tribal Seminar teaching and authoring of important mission resources since then.  I highly recommend him and his endeavors for the reaching of the unreached.
Don Richardson, Missionary Statesman and best selling author,
(Peace Child; Lords of the Earth, Eternity in their Hearts)

All I have read and heard and watched inclines me to rejoice over the vision and theology and mission of David Sitton.  I thank God for his Christ-exalting, God-centered, Bible-based courage to focus his life and ministry on the unreached tribal peoples.  Like no one else I know, David Sitton puts his body where his mouth is. The risks are high; the reward is overwhelming.  I commend To Every Tribe Ministries for your support and involvement.  May the Lord of glory spread his fame through all who partner with this ministry to make a name for Jesus among the nations.
Dr. John Piper, Pastor for Preaching and Vision,
Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN
Now, please take a few minutes to watch this introductory video and browse through the ministry websiteTo Every Tribe Ministries.