Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holiness increases our assurance and joy and usefulness to God... J. I. Packer argues in Rediscovering Holiness: Know the Fullness of Life with God (Revised & Updated ed., Regal Books, 2009).

Publisher: Regal Publishing
ISBN-10: 0830751068 | ISBN-13: 9780830751068
Binding: Paperback
288 Pages
Published September 2009

This morning I stumbled across this title while looking through the Westminster Bookstore website. I immediately went to in order to read whatever preview was available (click here). This looks to be an excellent book. If you haven't seen this title yet, I'd encourage you to consider it. I'm thinking that this would make for an excellent personal study for 2010, and Packer is an able guide for such a study.

A few years back I led a small group of teenagers through a study of Joel Beeke's little pamphlet Holiness (published by Banner of Truth). I enjoyed that study because of Beeke's knowledge of the Puritans and his ability to present the subject of Holiness with clarity, humility and conviction.

Other excellent resources on the topic of Holiness are J. C. Ryle's classic work Holiness and Jerry Bridges' works, The Pursuit of Holiness, and The Discipline of Grace.

What other works on Holiness would you recommend? Or, what are your thoughts on the titles recommended above?