Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Reinstalling Logos Bible Software on a New Computer

One of the fears I have had concerning investing in a digital library is what to do if my computer crashes. Would this mean that I would loose all of my investment? Would I have a hard time transferring my licenses from the dead computer to the new one? Would I have to wait for returned calls or emails from customer service?

Well a few months ago the mother board on my computer crashed. Thankfully it wasn't the hard drive, but, still, the new computer would not read the old hard drive. I found a way to transfer most of my files, but I've had to reinstall the extra programs I use. This evening I decided to go ahead and reinstall my Logos Bible Software (Scholar's Library) onto my new computer.


Wow! I was told not to worry about this, and sure enough everything went smoothly. If I understand this correctly, the key was synchronizing my licenses with the Libronix server (Go to Tools > Account Management). Since I am an "existing user" I requested my Customer ID and Confirmation Number via email. An email arrived in my Inbox within seconds. Attached to the email were simple instructions and an update file. I downloaded the file per the instructions, clicked on the file to activate the Update software, and was ready to go in less than a minute. Fantastic!

The best part about reinstalling the software was that I chose to deselect many of the volumes I consider to be extraneous. Now I'll test it to see if paring down the library helps to increase some of the searching speed.

One set I'm keeping an eye on and would like to eventually add to my digital library is the following:
Which other sets would you recommend for a digital library? I'm interested in volumes and/or collections that might be used often, are affordable, and that would be more useful in a digital library than taking up real estate on a bookshelf.