Thursday, August 20, 2009

Heroes of the Past: Apply Their Insights in Our Time

I will admit that I have on occasion thought that living in the days of heroes of the past might be much preferred to living in these days. I recall telling this to someone who had been a great influence upon me with regard to reading the classic commentators and theologians. To my surprise, he frowned at my idea. His polite response opened my eyes to my foolishness. Douglas Sweeney, in Jonathan Edwards and the Ministry of the Word: A Model of Faith and Thought (IVP, 2009), offers similar advice that would have been a great help to me.
The task that faces those who would look to Edwards for help today is not to search for a time machine that we can use to live in his world, but to live in our world thoughtfully, appreciatively and lovingly, and to ask ourselves how we can apply his insights in our time. What can we do in our own world to draw attention tot he Word, enhance the ministries of the church and deepen faith in the things of God? What can be done to encourage Christians to pay attention to the divine, thinking biblically, theologically, about their daily lives? (p. 31)
I've only begun to dig into this book. So far, it has been excellent.

Check it out: Announcement & Endorsements.