Sunday, July 19, 2009

Christian History Chronology Project

This morning a friend mentioned to me that he had been browsing through the Chronological Index that I have posted on this site. I can't tell you how much I appreciate feedback on these lists. They are all a work in progress, and every bit of encouragement is a blessing. If you're not familiar with this list, you will find a link on the sidebar (along with a Missions Chronology) under the title TheoSource Church History Project.
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Both of these lists draw from a supplemental project to the TheoSource Book Recommendation Lists (listed in the header). As I consider book recommendations, I am concerned to know as much as possible concerning the author of the book recommended. This is also true for reviewing books. All of the details I've learned about various authors are not contained in these lists. However, these lists display the results of what has been collected so far. This task is time consuming and requires a great deal of research, which I thoroughly enjoy. I have collected numerous biographies and biographical dictionaries to help me with the details. As I am introduced to new authors, find biographical information and time to enter the data, these lists will continue to grow.

The first list is filtered to only display information about persons categorized as a "missionary". The second list is a full display of all the names collected thus far. Each list is outlined by recognizable periods in Church History. Beyond this outline, each individual is listed in chronological order according to the year of birth (*see note below).

My interest in developing these lists is to gather basic information on authors and tie this data to a list of books authored and a list of biographical sources. In some cases, I have added photos either found on the internet (mostly Wikipedia) or scanned from books out of my personal library. Beyond the knowledge of basic details, I am always interested in locating authors among their contemporaries. I find this to be very helpful in gaining an appreciation for the original context of book.

For example: Here is a list of 34 persons contemporaneous with John Calvin.

Hübmaier, Balthasar

b. 1480

d. 1528

[German Anabaptist]


Protestant reformer at Basle and Berne.

b. 1482

d. 1531


Luther, Martin

Wittenburg, Germany

b. November 10, 1483, at Eisleben, Germany, Europe

d. February 18, 1546, at Eisleben, Germany

[German Protestant Reformer]

Place of burial: Wittenberg, Germany

Zwingli, Huldrych


b. January 1, 1484, at Wildhaus, St. Gall, Switzerland, Europe

d. October 11, 1531, at Kappel am Albis,

Latimer, Hugh

Bishop of Worcester. Burned at the stake in Oxford

b. 1485, at Leicestershire, England

d. October 16, 1555, at Oxford, England

[English Protestant]

Coverdale, Miles

English translator or the first printed Bible.

b. 1488

d. 1568

[English Protestant]

Cranmer, Thomas

Archbiship of Canterbury turned reformer and martyr.

Farel, Guilaume

b. 1489

d. 1565

Bucer, Martin

Strasbourg Reformer

b. November 11, 1491, at Schlettstadt in Alsace, France, Europe

d. February 28, 1551, at Cambridge, England

[German Protestant Reformer]

Place of burial: university church

Recalde (de Loyola), Iñigo de (Ignatius of Loyola)

Co-founder of the Society of Jesuits, Mystic

b. 1491, at Basque, Gúipozcoa, Spain, Europe

d. July 31, 1556

Blaurock, Jörg

An effective Anabaptist preacher.

Baptized by the pouring of water in Zürich in January, 1525, by Conrad

Grebel. This has been noted as being the first Anabaptist baptism.

"He was captured in Tyrol and burned at Innsbruck."

b. 1492, Switzerland, Europe

d. 1529

[Swiss Anabaptist]

Gardiner, Stephen

Bishop of Winchester under Henry VIII, a persecutor of Protestants.

b. 1493

d. 1555

Tyndale, William

Bible translator.

b. 1494

d. 1536

[English Protestant Reformer]

Bilney, Thomas

b. 1495

d. 1531

Simons, Menno

A prominent Anabaptist & founding father of the Mennonites.

b. 1496

d. 1561

[Swiss Anabaptist]

Melanchthon, Philipp

b. February 16, 1497, at Bretten, near Karlsruhe, Germany, Europe

d. April 19, 1560, at Leipzig, Germany

[German Protestant Reformer]

Grebel, Conrad

b. 1498, at Zurich, Switzerland, Europe

d. 1526

[Swiss Anabaptist]

Lupset, Thomas

Cambridge scholar and friend of Erasmus and Cardinal Pole

b. 1498

d. 1530

Osiander, Andreas


b. 1498

d. 1552,

[German Lutheran]

Bora, Katherine von

Martin Luther’s wife.

b. 1499

d. 1552

[German Protestant Reformer]

Ridley, Nicholas

Studied at the Sorbonne and Louvain, as well as at Cambridge. Bishop of

Rochester (1547), and Bishop of London (1550). Burned at the stake with Hugh


b. 1500

d. October 16, 1555, at Oxford, England

[English Protestant Reformer]

Hamilton, Patrick

b. 1504

d. 1528

Bullinger, Johann Heinrich

b. July 18, 1504, at Bremgarten, Aargau, , Europe

d. September 17, 1575, at Zürich, Switzerland

[Swiss Prostestant Reformer]

Knox, John

Scottish Reformer

b. 1505, at Giffordgate ?, Scotland, Europe

d. November 24, 1572, at Edinburgh, Scotland

[Scottish Presbyterian]

Xavier, Francis

Co-founder of the Society of Jesuits

b. 1506, at Biscay, Spain, Europe

d. December 3, 1552

[Roman Catholic]

Buchanan, George

Scottish political theorist.

b. 1507

d. 1582

[Reformed Chruch of Scotland]

Calvin, John

Father of Calvinism. Genevan Reformer and the greatest systematic theologian

of the Reformation

b. July 10, 1509, at Noyon, Picardy in Northern France

d. May 27, 1564, at Geneva, Switzerland

[French Protestant Reformer]

Bradford, John

Burnt at the stake in Mary Tudor’s reign.

b. 1510

d. 1555

Servetus, Miguel


b. 1511, Europe

d. 1553

Hamilton, John

Archbishop of St. Andrews

b. 1512, at Scotland, Europe

d. 1571, at Stirling, Scotland

Wishart, George

Scottish martyr; Mentor to Knox

b. 1513, at Scotland, Europe

d. 1546

[Scottish Presbyterian]

Foxe, John

Church historian, martyrologist.

b. 1516

d. April 18, 1587

[English Protestant]

Ninian, Winzet

Publicly disputed with Knox at Linlithgow.

b. 1518, at Renfrew, Scotland, Europe

d. September 21, 1592, at Ratisbon,

[Roman Catholic]

Place of burial: St. James Church

Beza, Theodore

b. June 24, 1519, at Vezelay, Burgundy, France, Europe

d. October 13, 1605, at Geneva, Switzerland

[French Protestant Reformer]

Place of burial: in the monastery of St. Peirre

I've never seen a timeline exactly like the one I'm offering here. I'm certain that it can be improved. One note that I have made today is to include names of notable philosophers, scientists, and world leaders for an even greater context. For instance, the following names need to be added:
  • Leonardo da Vinci (April 15, 1452–May 2, 1519)
  • Niccolò Machiavelli (1469–1527)
  • Copernicus (1473–1543)

John Calvin (July 10, 1509–May 27, 1564)

  • Michel de Montaigne (1533–1592)
  • Francis Bacon (1561–1626)
  • Galileo Galilei (1564–1642)
  • René Descartes (1596–1650)
  • Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (July 15, 1606–October 4, 1669)
What do you think?
I am also soliciting your feedback on this project. If you know of a way that these lists can be improved, I'd love to discuss it with you. If you have details that can be added, please leave a comment below or send them to me with sources.

*I am currently without access to MS Access since my previous computer recently crashed. As soon as I get all of my data transferred to this computer I can resume work on the lists. Also, I noticed today that the first few pages of the Christian Chronological Index consist of names that are out of order. This is due to incorrect tagging which will be corrected.