Friday, July 17, 2009

Cambridge Celebrates Multiple Anniversaries

This morning, I learned of the significance of the year 2009 for Cambridge University. According the CUP website, 2009 is a year of celebrating anniversaries.

This year we celebrate 425 years of continuous publishing, a year that also marks the 475th anniversary of King Henry VIII’s grant to Cambridge University Press of ‘Letters Patent’ allowing us to print ‘all manner of books’. 2009 also sees the 800th anniversary of the University of Cambridge, providing an occasion for us to join in celebrating our respective foundations by commemorating the books, people, ideas and achievements that have emerged from this shared history and which continue to inspire and transform the world.

University of Cambridge 800th Anniversary website.

Most notable, form my perspective, is Cambridge UP's work publishing Bibles.


Bible publishing provides a unique link between Cambridge's present, past and future. The first Cambridge Bible – an edition of the Geneva Bible – was published in 1591. As the oldest Bible publisher in the world, with an unrivaled tradition stretching back over four hundred years, Cambridge has a long-standing reputation for quality and craftsmanship.

Cambridge today is uniquely recognized and respected for fine Bibles produced in a traditional and familiar style. Over a hundred styles are available, now in a variety of modern translations as well as the King James Version and Book of Common Prayer which have been a constant feature for nearly four centuries.
The following translations are offered by the Cambridge University Press:
The Press is also noted for its academic, theological books such as:
  • A handful of titles offered at the Westminster Bookstore.
  • The old Cambridge Bible Commentary series contains many classic volumes. These are, now, out of print, but they can be found online and at some used bookstores. Cambridge UP is in the process of replacing this series with the New Cambridge Bible Commentary Series.

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