Friday, June 12, 2009

Spanish Theological Resources: A Working List

I've been receiving some great help with Spanish resources and have found a handful on my own. Please keep the suggestions coming!

I have posted these and other resources in the comments to my post, Wanted: Biblical Resources in Spanish, but I would like to highlight them in a regular post.

Worthwhile Websites and Blogs:
  • Dr. Andreas Köstenberger’s blogs are now becoming available in Spanish: Fundamentos Biblicos.
  • Desiring God Ministries offers a Language Index (currently 21 languages) to search their Resource Library. Many of Piper's sermons have been translated into Spanish and they can be viewed here.
  • Dr. AJ Gibson is blogging in Español at Gracia y Verdad. He also has a page listing a handful of books in Spanish: here.

  • has a category for Christian Books in Spanish: Books > Libros en español > Religión y espiritualidad > Cristianismo
  • also has a Spanish Products page.


Please keep the suggestions coming.