Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Reader's Hebrew Bible Reviewed in RBL

Hallvard Hagelia of Ansgar College and Theological Seminary (Kristiansand, Norway) has submitted a helpful review (PDF) of the major features fo RHB along with a simple explanation of the purpose and proper use of this tool. Hagelia found this tool to be "a very helpful first aid for the not so trained Hebrew reader." He congratulates the editors with the following words:
RHB is made and edited by two persons in cooperation: A. Philip Brown II at God’s Bible School and College, Cincinnati; and Bryan W. Smith at Bob Jones University Press, Greenville, South Carolina—pious people who have seen it as a service to God to work out what came out to be the RHB. Their meticulous work is, in short, admirable—congratulations!
If you haven't purchased a copy, I highly recommend it.

A Reader’s Hebrew Bible. Edited by A. Philip Brown II & Bryan W. Smith. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2008. Italian Duo-Tone™, pp. xxiii + 1,652 pages.

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