Monday, April 6, 2009

New Jerry Bridges Book Half-Price at Monergism

Crossway has just released a new title by Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington, The Bookends of the Christian Life. This 160-page hardcover deals with the application of two essential doctrines for believers—the imputed righteousness of Christ for acceptance with God and the power of the Holy Spirit for transformation of life. I read the introduction and chapter 3 online and was impressed with the conciseness and richness of the teaching.

Monergism is now offering this book for half-price. From Monergism's website:

Description: The authors use an extended metaphor to serve up a little book with a big message about two essentials of the Christian life.

What do bookends have to do with the Christian life? They are a metaphor that Jerry Bridges has developed over the years, and which he and coauthor Bob Bevington flesh out in this small volume. The two “bookends” explain not only how we as sinners can be made acceptable to a holy God but also we can find the power to change. They are thus essential for the Christian life.

In a unique book that should garner the attention of a wide range of readers, the authors use their extended metaphor to help readers answer questions like:

* How can I overcome persistent guilt?
* How can I deal with the pressure to measure up?
* Where can I find the motivation it takes to grow?
* How can I live the Christian life with both my head and my heart?
* How can I be sure God loves me?
* How can I change in an authentic and lasting way?

So what are the bookends of the Christian life? Christ’s righteousness as it is transferred to dependent believers, and the Holy Spirit’s power as it enables their transformation. In continuing their goal to re-center the church at large onto the historic gospel of Jesus Christ, Bridges and Bevington have served up this little book with a big message so that believers and seekers alike can understand these two keys to a genuine Christian life.
This looks like a good book for pastors to recommend to their people to help stabilize and encourage them in their daily struggle to grow as Christians.