Thursday, January 8, 2009

Martyrdom of Jim Elliot and his missionary team, 1956

Yesterday evening I browsed through a local LifeWay bookstore with my children. Just before we left I noticed a display stand that had a number of beautifully reprinted classic biographies. Upon further investigation I discovered that they were Hendrickson's Classic Biographies Series. This is a series I had overlooked during 2008 but would have gladly been included on my list of Noteworthy Book Recommendations 2008. In this series is a reprinting of Elizabeth Elliot's Shadow of the Almighty: The Life and Testament of Jim Elliot. The story of Jim Elliot was a great inspiration to me during my college years, and while I contemplated service on the foreign mission field. This book truly is a classic and it ought to owned and read by every Christian family.

Fred Sanders has written another fine article (Today Jim Elliot Was Killed [1956]) on the martyrdom of Jim Elliot and his friend on January 8, 1956.

Other titles in the Hendrickson Classic Biography Series are as follows:
All of these volumes are hardback (cloth) with dust jackets and have been freshly typeset. These truly are beautiful volumes, some of which I only own in paperback editions. At very affordable prices this series of biographies would serve the Christian home very well. I can think of other biographies that ought to be in this series, but they may be in the works already.