Saturday, January 10, 2009

Great Book Buys at CBD

Many have commented on AbeBooks' Most Expensive Sales in 2008 which is mind-boggling, but I love (and I'm sure you do, too) book deals even more. Here are a few that I found a couple of weeks ago, and the deals appear to be still available.

I have, at other times, seen volumes in the New International Biblical Commentary series marked down, but after reading a notice from Chad at The Road to Emmaus, I decided to give this series a closer look. Besides I had a $30 gift certificate to spend and I wanted to get the most bang for my buck.

From my experience the NIBC series is, like most series, hit-and-miss. In other words, while all of the volumes are more than likely very helpful, they probably would not be your first pick. However, many of these volumes will serve the majority of readers very well. As I have used Gerald Wilson on Job, Peter Davids on James, and Christopher Wright on Deuteronomy, I have found them to be similar in some respects and a bit more thorough than the Tyndale Commentary Series (which has been a long-time favorite series). I am very glad to have had this opportunity to become more familiar with this series because I have found a handful of useful volumes by very able commentators.

To this, it must be noted that whereas Hendrickson Publishers previously printed this series in hardback, all of the latest printings and some of the newest volumes are only available in paperback. CBD is offering a very nice selection of these commentaries in hardback at prices less than $5 a piece. Here are the ones I purchased:
Other volumes listed at the same low price are as follows (I didn't purchase these because I am not as familiar with the authors):
Two other books I picked up at excellent prices are:
  • Brevard S. Childs, Biblical Theology: A Proposal (a small paperback booklet) for $1.49. (I've been wanting to read this little booklet for some time now.)
  • Craig Bartholomew, Mary Healy, Karl Moller & Robin Parry (eds.), Out of Egypt: Biblical Theology and Biblical Interpretation for $6.99. (I cannot tell why they have marked this at such a low price, considering the content and the fact that two other volumes in this series are marked at $16.99 each. Whatever, the reason it is a fantastic deal.)
Check them out! And if you find any other great deals, please pass a note to us.