Friday, January 16, 2009

Douglas Kelly's Systematic Theology, volume 1: Now Available

I heard about Dr Kelly's work on this multi-volume Systematic a number of years and have been awaiting its availability ever since. It is on my shopping list (and birthday wish list), for sure!

Here are some details:

Publisher's Description: "I have written this first volume, thinking of my heritage as both Reformed and Catholic; gladly appropriating crucial insights of the whole people of God over the last two thousand years - Eastern Orthodox, Western Catholic, and Reformation Protestant - as they sought to live out the foundational truths of the inspired Word of God." - From the Author

640 Pages
Published November 2008

About the Author: Douglas F. Kelly is the Richard Jordan Professor of Theology at the Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a well-known author and has had his books translated into other languages.


"If this first installment is any indication, Douglas Kelly's three-volume Systematic Theology is sure to set a new standard. Harvesting decades of steady scholarship and equally steady engagement in all facets of the church's life and ministry, Kelly displays the richness of the Christian Faith, particularly in its Reformed expression. Christians of all traditions will benefit greatly from the catholic breadth, appropriate but not bewildering depth, and exegetical insight of this remarkable work."
Michael Scott Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary, California

"Douglas F. Kelly is one of the English-speaking world's leading Reformed theologians. Here we begin to enjoy the fruits of his labors. What a feast it is. Few Protestant theologians in our day know the terrain of the doctrine of the Trinity, and the Person of Christ, as well as Professor Kelly . . . He is at his best when opening up to us the unrealized importance and glory of these foundational truths about our Savior God. For those who yearn for an orthodox Reformed catholicity, Kelly shows the way forward."
- Ligon Duncan, First Pres. Church, Jackson, Miss. President, Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals.

"Professor Douglas Kelly's eagerly awaited Systematic Theology exceeds all expectation. This first volume is a comprehensive introduction to discussion of God's self-disclosure, Triune being, transcendent majesty, and covenant relationships.
- Iain D. Campbell, Back Free Church of Scotland, Isle of Lewis

Purchase at: WTS | Amazon | CBD | Mongergism

Note: CBD does not currently show a listing for this volume. Hoping that they will in the near future, I have added a link above. The other three booksellers are very competitive on the price. Just remember to consider the cost of shipping when you make your decision.