Monday, January 5, 2009

Book Deal: Michael P. V. Barrett's God's Unfailing Purpose: The Message of Daniel

Happy New Year to all of our readers, and a special "Thank you!" to my blogging partner Tim Ashcraft who has provided us with some excellent reading over the past week. I have been laying low for a bit but have been coaxed back into the blog by a note from Paul, a friend of the blog, regarding a great book deal.

Many of you are familiar with Scripture Truth Book Company out of Fincastle, VA. I have been aware of them, but I must admit that I don't think that I have ever ordered from them. Paul has brought to my attention that STBC is offering Michael P. V. Barrett's God's Unfailing Purposes: The Message of Daniel (paperback edition) for a whopping $2.99.

The same book is currently listed for the following prices from these other booksellers:
Keep in mind to check each bookseller's shipping charges. STBC is currently charging $3.50 for orders less than $30.oo for regulars shipments. See their website for details!

I am glad for this announcement because I just finished reading Barrett's latest book on the message of Hosea and am preparing a review of it to be posted this coming Thursday at This was a devotionally rich book and I expect the book on the message of Daniel to be similar.

I had the privilege of taking a few OT classes from Barrett during my undergraduate years and got my feet wet with a bit of Hebrew under his instruction after graduation. I enjoyed his classes because he was always enthusiastic about the subjects he taught. He loves the biblical languages, he loves biblical theology, he is able to bring OT books to life that you may think are dry and dusty, he is passionate about the gospel, and he is a very lucid writer (well, he at least has a superb editor :)).

I have not yet read the above volume, but I would love to have a copy. From what I understand, it is not a commentary, but a devotional study of the major themes of Daniel's message. As far as Barrett's eschatological position goes (I'm sure you're wondering), he is an historic premillennialist.

Here are a few book details:

God’s Unfailing Purpose: The Message of Daniel is a cautious and biblical answer to the question, ’’Where is God?’’ This book focuses on the heavenly throne from which God rules according to His perfect will and unchangeable, unfailing purpose. God is in absolute control of all things: the big issues of the world, as well as the seemingly bigger issues of our lives. Daniel’s view of history and prophecy shows that God’s kingdom is coming and that God’s will is being done on earth as certainly as it is in heaven. Daniel’s message is simply, ’’Not to worry--everything is under control.’’

198-page paperback.
Ambassador-Emerald International, 2003

Michael P. V. Barrett (M.A., Ph.D. Bob Jones University) is President of Geneva Reformed Seminary, the Theological Seminary of the Free Presbyterian Church of North America. He is also an ordained minister in the FPC serving as an Associate Minister of Faith Free Presbyterian Church in Greenville, SC. His other works include Beginning at Moses: A Guide to Finding Christ in the Old Testament; Complete in Him: A Guide to Understanding and Enjoying the Gospel; The Beauty of Holiness: A Guide to Biblical Worship; and Love Divine and Unfailing: The Gospel According to Hosea.