Thursday, December 18, 2008

Upcoming Christian Conferences Calendar

For some time, now, I have been desiring to have a list of upcoming Christian conferences. It is very frustrating to find out after-the-fact that, "Hey, so-and-so was just in your area speaking at such-and-such-a-church's conference." I either had no clue, or forgot about it altogether.

I have been searching for a solution to do this dilemma of mine, and have come up with the following idea. I would like to use the Google calendar widget (located in the left-hand sidebar of this blog) in which we have been displaying Today in Church History names and dates. I have renamed this calendar to THEOSOURCE CALENDAR.

In this calendar we are currently displaying the date of birth and the date of death of prominent figures in church history (displayed in blue text) and missions history (displayed in red text).

I have, now, begun to add dates for upcoming conferences (displayed in green text).

By default, this calendar will display information most current. In order to search throughout the year, all you need to do is click on the the date displayed at the top of the calendar and a drop-down box will allow you to scroll through the calendar.

So, I think that this will work. All I need now is your help in populating this calendar with conference information. To do this, I am adding a widget to this post which will allow you to submit conference information. The tool used below was developed by Mister Linky and it should work perfectly with a slight modification.

How to Fill Out the Form:
This form is automatically generated, so we will improvise as follows:

In the "Your name" field, enter the Conference title and dates.
Example 1 - The Southern Seminary & the History of American Christianity (Feb. 18-19, 2009)
Example 2 - BibleTech: 2009 (March 27-28, 2009)
In the "Your URL" field, enter the URL (including the http:// prefix) of the conference website.
Example 1 -
Example 2 -
Then click the "Enter" button and the conference information will be added to this post.

Which Conferences Should be Submitted?
The criteria for this calendar should be as comprehensive as are the TheoSource Book Lists. I am not limiting this list to any denomination or theological perspective. The basic criteria for submission is that the conference is Christian, Biblical, Theological, Historical, or even Technological (i.e. Logos and BibleWorks workshops, seminars, and conferences). If you have a question about submitting a particular conference, please leave a comment or send me an email.

Thank You!
Your help with this project will be greatly appreciated by all of our readers. Anyone can submit this information, provided it is accurate. Any inaccurate information will be deleted. As conference information comes in I will transfer it to the calendar.

I'll get this started.

[The widgit for this post had to be removed. Please see the calendar in the sidebar.]