Thursday, December 18, 2008

Reading Calvin's Institutes in 2009

The folks at Reformation21 have set forth a plan to blog through Calvin's Institutes during 2009. Derek Thomas introduced this plan here: In Praise of John Calvin's Institutes. Read more here.

This morning I received an e-newsletter from RTS which offers a 2009 READING PLAN OF CALVIN’S INSTITUTES. This plan was prepared by the Foundation for Reformed Theology and is based on the Ford Lewis Battles translation. Click here to access the plan.

If you do not have a copy of Calvin's Institutes here are couple to choose between:

  • Calvin: Institutes of the Christian Religion, 2 Volumes. Library of Christian Classics. Edited by John T. McNeill. Translated and indexed by Ford Lewis Battles (1559 translation edition; WJK, 1960; reprinted 1993)
[WTS ($51.97) | Amazon ($50.37) | CBD ($64.99)]
*Recommended by Westminster Seminary faculty.
  • Institutes of the Christian Religion. Translated by Henry Beveridge (Eerdmans, 1960)
[WTS ($23.40) | Amazon ($25.20) | CBD ($26.99)]

I understand that there are editorial advantages to the McNeill edition, but I do own it, nor have I had an opportunity to review it. About six years ago I acquired a hardcover, two-volume edition of the Beveridge translation and have greatly enjoyed reading it. I've printed out the reading plan, I have recovered my set of Calvin's Institutes from the box it was packed in (we're still in the process of finding a new home), and I am ready to do some reading.

NOTE: The prices supplied for WTS, Amazon, and CBD are current as of 12/18/08 and are subject to change, per the vendor. I have listed them here for comparative purposes and recommend that you double-check them prior to making your decision to purchase.