Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Forthcoming: The Rhyming Bible

Maybe I should have quit while I was ahead. Here's another "creative" attempt at producing a new translation.

The Rhyming Bible: From Creation to Revelation by James Muirden with illustrations by David Eccles (Michael O'Mara, April 1, 2009).

Product Description
'A serpent, sent there to deceive,
began to use its arts on Eve,
who fell for its persuasive patter.
It hissed: "That warning doesn't matter
about the fruit that's on the Tree -
it's Educational, you see.
What's wrong with wanting to be wise?
Behold the world with open eyes!"
Her husband also had a bite
it opened up their eyes all right..."
Do you know you've got nothing on?"
"Neither have you!" Their blindness gone,
some fig leaves helped to hide their shame;
but then the Lord called Adam's name.'

"The Rhyming Bible" encapsulates and distills the most influential book ever to have been written, the Bible, into beautifully constructed and brilliantly witty rhyming couplets. Imaginatively illuminated by David Eccles' delightful line drawings, The Rhyming Bible is educational, fun, and yet respectful. James Muirden retells the Bible in succinct couplets perfect for the modern reader, and for those both familiar and unfamiliar with the original. It is a fantastic follow-up to the author's The Cosmic Verses: A Rhyming History of the Universe. The Rhyming Bible: From the Creation to Revelation is an illuminating journey through the many and various books of the Bible. It chronicles Old and New Testament episodes such as the Creation, Noah's Ark and the Lamentations of Job, through to the Nativity, the Feeding of the Five Thousand and the Resurrection. The Rhyming Bible weaves familiar stories in unfamiliar ways, striking new life into old tales as James Muirden poetically documents the life of Jesus, and the work of his Apostles as represented in the Gospels. The perfect gift for family and friends alike, The Rhyming Bible sets Muirden's brilliantly creative couplets next to David Eccles' wonderful line drawings to bring the Bible into the twenty-first century.