Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Inclusive Bible: The First Egalitarian Translation

Here's yet another reason why you need to know what's going on in the Feminist/Egalitarian arena!
This evening I was searching through the Amazon website and came across the following Bible translation:
The Inclusive Bible: The First Egalitarian Translation
by Priests for Equality
Sheed & Ward (Hardcover ed., 2007; Paperback ed., 2009)
Product Description
Seeking to be faithful to the original languages, Priests for Equality have sought new and non-sexist ways to express the same ancient truths. The Inclusive Bible is a fresh, dynamic translation into modern English, carefully crafted to let the power and poetry of the language shine forth-particularly when read aloud-giving it an immediacy and intimacy rarely found in traditional translations of the Bible.

I might as well put in another plug for Margaret E. Köstenberger's Jesus and the Feminists: Who Do They Say That He Is? (Crossway Books, 2008).