Sunday, December 14, 2008

"Babe of Bethlehem" by John L. Girardeau

Blessed Babe of Bethlehem,
Owner of earth's diadem,
Claim, and wear the radiant gem.

Scatter darkness with Thy light,
End the sorrows of our night,
Speak the word, and all is bright.

Spoil the spoiler of the earth,
Bring creation's second birth,
Promised day of song and mirth.

'Tis Thine Israel's voice that calls,
Build again Thy Salem's walls,
Dwell within her holy halls.

'Tis Thy Church's voice that cries,
Rend these long unrendered skies,
Bridegroom of the Church, arise.

Take to Thee Thy power and reign,
Purify this earth again;
Cleanse it from each curse and stain.

Sun of peace, no longer stay,
Let the shadows flee away,
And the long night end in day.

We adore Thee as our King,
And to Thee our song we sing;
Our best offering to Thee bring.

Lamb of God, Thy lowly name,
King of kings, we Thee proclaim;
Heaven and earth shall hear its fame.

Bearer of our sins' sad load,
Wielder of the iron rod,
Judah's Lion, Lamb of God!

Mighty King of righteousness,
King of glory, King of peace,
Never shall Thy kingdom cease!

Thee, earth's heir and Lord, we own;
Raise again its fallen throne,
Take its everlasting crown.