Tuesday, September 23, 2008

TheoSource Updates

It has been almost a year since the TheoSource lists were last updated on this site, so I have been working hard at burning new PDFs. All of the lists are now updated:
Old Testament Commentaries
New Testament Commentaries
Other Lists I have also updated the Blogroll in order to share more of the blogs I follow. I generally do not read many posts; there are simply too many and too little time to do this. I browse through them periodically, read one or two, and highlight others that I expect to want to come back to in the future. Most of these blogs challenge me in areas that are unfamiliar to me. Some of these blogs are simply informative. Mostly all of these are academic in nature. Some very interesting blogs do not appear here, or have been removed, just because. If you know of a blog that seems to fit the purpose of TheoSource, please suggest it. I'd be glad to consider adding it to the list.

Not long ago, I added a label to the sidebar called
Essential Tools. The CMS requires a subscripton, but the SBLHS is free to be downloaded. Both are excellent and complimentary style guides.