Tuesday, September 30, 2008

TheoSource Updates: Theology & General Works

Last night I uploaded revisions and expansions of the Recommended Theological Works List (TW) and the Recommended General Reference Works Lists (GRW). The major changes are as follows:
  • I added Biblical Theology, OT Theology & NT Theology to the TW list.
  • I added Introductory topics to the GRW list.
I think that these two changes make better sense. Also,...
  • I added recommendations cited in Bob Kauflin's recent book, Worship Matters (Crossway, 2008). Kauflin provides a very nice annotated bibliography of books on major theological issues with which worship leaders ought to be familiar (Worship, God, The Person and Work of Christ, The Holy Spirit, Theology, Growing in Holiness, The Church, Music, and Devotionals).
As always, I would be glad for any input on improving these lists.