Thursday, September 25, 2008

Like Father, Like Son, Like Disciple (Köstenberger on the Trinity in John)

The Trinity and Mission

Here is a summary statement from Part 2: Biblical Foundations. This will surely repay careful rumination.
Thus not only is the ministry of the Son grounded in the love and commission of the Father, but the ministry of Jesus' followers is grounded in the love and commission of Jesus, and by virtue of his relationship with both the Father on the one hand and the Spirit on the other, also in the unity of Father, Son and Spirit among one another. At the same time, this does not obliterate all distinctions of person and role. Just as Jesus is the Son who does the bidding of the Father who sent him, so his followers are to pursue their mission in total dependence on the Son and under the direction of the Holy Spirit. In the end, Father, Son and Spirit are shown to provide redemption and revelation to a community that is itself sent on a redemptive and revelatory mission. (106)
Even more simply put, form Chapter One: John's Gospel and Jewish monotheism:
The triunity of Father, Son and Spirit forms the paradigm and basis for the love and unity among Jesus' followers and for their mission to the world as they re-present his message and follow their Lord (John 20:21; cf. John 17:18). (43)

Andreas J. Köstenberger and Scott R. Swain, Father, Son and Spirit: The Trinity and John's Gospel. New Studies in Biblical Theology. Downers Grove: IVP, 2008. [IVP | WTS | Amazon | CBD]