Saturday, September 13, 2008

An Affordable Entry Point Into the IVP "Black Dictionary" Series

Reid, Daniel, ed. The IVP Dictionary of the New Testament: A One-Volume Compendium of Contemporary Biblical Scholarship (2004) Hardcover (paper). 996 pages. $50.00

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This past summer I picked up The IVP Dictionary of the New Testament: One-Volume Compendium. Daniel Reid has compiled some of the key articles from all four NT volumes into this volume. I found it discounted at a seminary bookstore for about $25.00 (maybe less, I can't remember). Anyway, the binding isn't as nice as the others, but it is still solid. No doubt, this helped to reduce the price. I would recommend this particular volume to anyone looking for a more affordable option or an entry point into using this series. Hopefully IVP will do the same with the OT volumes, too.

I am currently reading through the article on the Gospel of John. I will be commenting upon it in my next post.