Thursday, July 31, 2008

Schreiner's New Testament Theology Now Available in UK

A few days ago I received the copy of Schreiner's New Testament Theology (Baker Academic, 2008, USA) that I had purchased from the Westminster Bookstore. I hope to be able to start reading in it soon. Well, this morning, while browsing the Inter-Varsity Press (UK) site, I learned that they have published the UK edition and that it is now available for purchase (released 18/07/2008). Here's what their edition looks like, along with the table of contents:

New Testament Theology

Magnifying God in Christ

Thomas R Schreiner

Hardback 976 pages
ISBN 9781844743094

In this comprehensive survey of key themes and emphases, Thomas Schreiner unfolds the riches of New Testament theology through the lens of salvation history, showing how fruitful the 'promise - fulfillment', 'already - not yet' paradigm is for understanding the New Testament.



Part 1. The Fulfillment of God's Saving Purpose: The Already - Not Yet

1. The Kingom of God in the Synoptic Gospels
2. Eternal Life and Eschatology in John's Theology
3. Inaugurated Eschatology Outside the Gospels

Part 2. The God of the Promise: the Saving Work of the Father, Son, and Spirit

4. The Centrality of God in New Testament Theology
5. The Centrality of Christ in the Synoptic Gospels
6. The Messiah and the Son of Man in the Gospels
7. The Son of God, I Am, and Logos
8. Jesus' Saving Work in the Gospels
9. Jesus' Saving Work in Acts
10. The Christology of Paul
11. The Saving Work of God and Christ According to Paul
12. The Christology of Hebrews - Revelation
13. The Holy Spirit

Part 3. Experiencing the Promise: Believing and Obeying

14. The Problem of Sin
15. Faith and Obedience
16. The Law and Salvation History

Part 4. The People of the Promise and the Future of the Promise

17. The People of the Promise
18. The Social World of God's People
19. The Consummation of God's Promises

Appendix: Reflections on New Testament Theology