Friday, July 18, 2008

Quick Review: David: Man of Prayer, Man of War by Walter Chantry

David: Man of Prayer, Man of War
by Walter J. Chantry
ISBN 13 #978-0-85151-9531 \ 304 pages
Clothbound \ $18.00
Banner of Truth, 2007

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"Chantry's book on David consists of 35 short chapters, which originally appeared as articles in the Banner of Truth magazine. His treatment of the Scriptural account "fills out" David's life. The book reads almost like a novel, except with applications that seem to arise naturally from the text. It's a non-technical treatment that anyone can enjoy and profit from, but it's substantial, not fluffy. I think the book models a good style for preachers and teachers in handling Bible biography." (~Tim Ashcraft, TheoSource)

From the author's Introduction:
The one constant with David in every condition was expressed in Psalm 16:8: 'I have set the LORD always before me.'

In all the rapid alterations of his life David thought of the Most High God and expressed his devout feelings toward his Maker and Redeemer....

...We love this man for showing us how to pray from every point of life's compass. We love him for showing us how, in the midst of spiritual failure, we too can draw near to the Lord again in trust and devotion.

Perfectionists will not be comfortable with David. Those who stumble often, but who always turn with melted hearts to God for pardon and help, will find in him a brother for all situations. Such people will love the sacred history of his life and find it totally engrossing. (pp. viii - ix)
Pastor Chantry's sermons on the Life of David can be listened to and/or downloaded from (click here for the series | 58 sermons in all).