Sunday, June 15, 2008

TheoSource Updates

This past weekend I've been doing a bit of updating on the Psalms posts. There have been a number of new books published on the Psalms and I've tried to add as many as I thought would be profitable. I've also found helpful reviews of some of these books at RBL and have added links where appropriate. Here is a list of the posts that have been updated:

I’ve also been updating links to conversations on the subject of the 9Marks interview Mark Minnick.

Other than that, I’ve been picking away at the Logos Scholar’s Library [also at the Logos site] with the intention of posting a review. I’m fairly new to this software package and need a bit more time to find my way around it. Some initial impressions are as follows:

  • Every student ought to own this!
  • It’s worth the money!
  • It takes a good bit of time to learn it in order to make the best use of it.
  • It is set up primarily for Bible study, but it allows for building and searching a large database of e-books.
  • I’ve already begun the hunt for more PC memory to speed up my searches. The default searches allow for a lot of unnecessary searching which extends the time the computer takes to produce search results. I’ve got some ideas of how to customize this and will share my suggestions in the near future.
  • I LOVE THE REMOTE LIBRARY SEARCH FUNCTION! I search the Library of Congress and numerous times per week as I research book data. This function has dramatically improved this process. It’s taking a little bit of work to figure out the full capabilities of this single function, but I’m already benefiting from it. Did I say I love this feature? Oh, yeah!
  • I’m already making a list of other packages I want to add to this system, and other books that ought to belong on it. (Maybe, we could figure out a way to incorporate TheoSource into the database. J )
  • More to come later…

Finally, I have been reading some fantastic books that I need to review:

I have a handful of books that need to be reviewed and I need help. I direct the book reviews for but I also am permitted to post reviews here on TheoSource. Many of the books I’ve received would not do well for reviews at SI, but I would like for them to be reviewed here. If you would be interested in receiving a free book in exchange for a book review, I’d be glad to hear from you.

The following is a list of books available to be reviewed: