Thursday, June 5, 2008

Book Notes and Reviews From Around the Blogosphere

I would like to share links to some excellent book notes and reviews from the past week or so.

Allen Mickle shares a powerful quotation from In My Place Condemned He Stood: Celebrating the Glory of the Atonement, by J.I. Packer & Mark Dever (Crossway, 2007).
"Furthermore, if the true measure of love is how low it stoops to help, and how much in its humility it is ready to do and bear, then it may fairly be claimed that the penal substitutionary model of atonement embodies a richer witness to divine love than any other model of atonement, for it sees the Son at his Father’s will going lower than any other view ventures to suggest." (read more)
Nathan Pitchford reviews David F. Wells' latest critique of Evangelicalism entitled The Courage to Be Protestant (Eerdmans, 2008). Of note, he states that "The Courage to Be Protestant is the summary, or more properly, the culmination of four earlier titles by David Wells: No Place for Truth, God in the Wasteland, Losing Our Virtue, and Above All Earthly Pow'rs."

Phil Gons informs us that Logos Bible Software has put Henry Alford's The Greek Testament (8 vols.) on pre-pub ($129.95). This means that they are gathering interest with the hopes of putting this through to publication. Enthusiasm over this classic set has recently been reignited by praise from John Piper. Compare the price here with used hard copy editions. This seems to be a great deal, especially considering the benefits that accompany digital books.

Trevin Wax offers his review of D.A. Carson's Christ & Culture Revisited (Eerdmans, 2008).
"Carson’s book is as much a new Christ and Culture as it is a critique of Niebuhr’s work. By studying the dominant cultural forces of our time and speaking to the debates about “culture” and “postmodernism,” Carson updates, changes, and arguably replaces Neibuhr’s work, at least in terms of its contemporary relevance."
Justin Taylor announces the availability of Joel R. Beeke's latest book, Heirs with Christ: The Puritans on Adoption (Reformation Heritage Books, 2008). (Also announced here.)

Dr. Al Mohler has been recommending books this week. First, he submitted a list of 10 recently published history books. Here's how introduced his list.
"History makes for compelling reading precisely because each reader is building a master narrative of the world. The more history we know and understand, the richer and more interesting that master narrative becomes. The more we know, the more we want to know."
Ten For the History Books -- Summer Reading Part 1
Ten For the History Books -- Summer Reading Part 2

He is also providing the following lists:
Books for Guys
"I believe that reading is appetitive. Readers develop a more ravenous appetite for books when they discover that they want to read and actually enjoy it. Here are some recent books that men and older teenagers are likely to enjoy."
Five Great Missionary Biographies (forthcoming)
Books for Boys (forthcoming)

Here are a few more lists from his pen:
Steve Weaver recommends Doctrine that Dances (B&H, 2008). I've heard great things about this volume and am looking forward to posting a review at SharperIron in the next couple of months.