Thursday, May 29, 2008

Book Review: From Achilles to Christ by Louis Markos

This morning, we posted a review of the following book on the SharperIron blog. Personally, I am not as enthusiastic about this book as the reviewer concludes. I would like to be better acquainted with the classic than I am, but the theological underpinnings of Markos's argument are troubling to me. Roger Duke does well with laying open the argument of this book, and does point out some of the theological biases that serve as a foundation for the books appeal. Please read Roger's review, and read the introduction to this volume. I would also encourage you to read Markos's autobiography and theological statement. They are very telling and will illuminate his position in From Achilles to Christ.

In summary, I'm concerned about Markos' man-centered soteriology, his misinterpretation and rejection of the doctrine of total depravity, and his stretched view of special revelation.


Reviewed by Roger Duke, DMin.

Markos, Louis. From Achilles to Christ: Why Christians Should Read the Pagan Classics. Downers Grove, ILL: IVP Academic, 2007. Paperback, 264 pages. $24.00

(Review copy courtesy of IVP Academic.)


ISBNs: 0830825932 / 978-0830825936

Book Excerpts:

PDF Introduction: The Only Complete Truth »
PDF 1. Hesiod’s Theogeny: In the Beginning »

Subjects: Christianity & Literature, Greek Classics, Education

Louis Markos is professor of English at the Houston Baptist University where he teaches Classical and English literature. He is also the C. S. Lewis scholar and the author of the much-acclaimed Lewis Agonistes: How C. S. Lewis Can Train Us to Wrestle with the Modern and Postmodern World.

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